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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Course – Derby

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Prices starting from: £210.00
  • Duration – 1 day
  • Cost – £210
  • Location – Derby, On-Site, Nationwide Locations
  • Certification – In house qualifications
  • Valid For – 1 year
  • Max Numbers – 10
  • Equipment – delegates MUST be clean shaven. CLEAN PPE – personal protective equipment / clothing; hard hat (with effective chin strap), coverall and protective footwear, gloves, protective eye wear and knee pads
  • Lunch Provided – No

Delegates will be expected to wear, carry, use and breathe using designated SCBA within a training simulator, wearing an approved breathing apparatus with face mask and PPE.

Learning Outcomes and Competences:

  • The hazards against which the device is to be used and the health effects likely to result from exposure to those hazards
  • Why the device is needed for the job and when to use it
  • The wearer’s responsibilities for the correct use and care of personal protective equipment
  • The reasons for selecting a particular type of device and the fit testing of face pieces, where necessary
  • The risks to the wearer if the device is not worn and used correctly and/or not worn all the time in the contaminated area
  • How the device works, what it can do and cannot do, including limitations;
  • How to recognise faults in the device
  • Pre-use inspection and checks required and how to carry them out
  • Methods of donning and doffing the device and fit-checking
  • Practical emergency procedures when wearing the device
  • Doffing, cleaning, disinfection and inspection of the device after use
  • How to correctly storage the device
  • Information on reporting arrangements (e.g. reporting faults, maintenance, obtaining and fitting spare parts where practical)

Operating information, instruction and training
The training of all those involved in the programme should be kept up to date through a process of regular refresher training. The refresher training should take place at least annually. The training should be matched to the complexity of the device and the extent of the health/life risks against which the device is used.

The employer is required (89/656/EEC) to ensure that each wearer and others involved in the programme receive the necessary information, instruction and training.

Each wearer should be given both initial and at least annual refresher training in the safe use of the chosen device.

Fitness to use Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) COURSE (for High Risk Confined Space Courses): Delegates will be expected to wear, carry, use and breathe using designated SCBA within a training simulator, wearing an approved breathing apparatus with face mask and PPE. The delegate will be expected to use SCBA under various simulated emergency conditions that include; noise, limited light, and variable safe atmospheric conditions. The employer/delegate is required to advise of any pre-existing medical conditions (claustrophobia, respiratory conditions like asthma, heart and/or circulatory etc.) as well as the physical strength and abilities required (e.g. wearing heavy breathing apparatus). A SCBA assessment should include spirometry, with workers who have either a low FVC (more than 1 litre below the expected value) or a low FEV1/FVC ratio (less than 70%) or those with a history of respiratory disease, e.g. asthma, being referred to an Occupational Physician

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