2 Day Low Risk Course:

  • Principles of the employment of CONDO
  • Roles and interactions between Military Command Chain
  • Overarching political, geographic, cultural and meteorological issues
  • Medical facilities
  • Medical emergencies
  • Emergency evacuations and stress impacts
  • Safety issues
  • Local security threats
  • Operational welfare
  • Legal construct

3 Day High Risk Course:

Details as for two day course above, and also:

  • Collective security and force protection 
  • Personal protection
  • CBRN & protective equipment

CONDO – Working at Sea Additional Unit:

  • Understand the additional requirements when maritime support CONDO tasks require Personnel to remain embarked whilst the Ship is deployed at sea

CONDO 1 day Refresher Courses

Course availability upon client request, please email with your requirements.

Please Note:  All military type hardware utilised on CONDO courses have either been deactivated e.g. filled with concrete or have been manufactured as training accessories.